Memorial Bike Run

Skippack, PA

September 22, 2013

At noon on a beautiful Sunday, a crowd of Julianne's family, friends, and supporters met up at a local hotspot, The Trappe Tavern. Once organized, at around 1:00PM, the parade of 400+ (yes you read that correctly) bikers entered the streets of Trappe and made their way up to Palmer Park in Skippack, PA. 

Approaching the trail off of Heckler Rd., the riders lined up to take the path up to Julianne's Memorial. As they passed, each person contributed their thoughts, flowers, and emotions to the memorial before revving up and flogging back to the open road. All the while, filling the streets of Skippack with flocks of purple and roaring engines! 

Everyone then gathered for a great afternoon at Reeds Blue Bell. Supporters chowed down on some great food (topped with Bigg Dutt's BBQ) and enjoyed some great live music performed by The Hot Sauce Junkies! Thanks to the efforts lead by C.J. Santangelo, a lot of money was raised for Julianne's Memorial Fund and most importantly, Julianne's life was remembered and celebrated with great semblance of her joyful spirit.